31 May
August Electronics Welcomes New CEO To Drive Strategic Growth

August Electronics, a Canadian-based, world-class leader offering...

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21 Apr
High Value Manufacturing & Six Sigma

Our VP of Manufacturing, Sara Haynes, recently completed an interview…

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16 Sep
August Electronics Achieves ISO 13485 Medical Device Certification

Today, August Electronics is proud to formally announce…

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09 Jun
Benchmarking The Rebrand

One year ago marks the official launch of our new August …

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12 Dec
The Importance of Automated Optical Inspection for PCB Assembly

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the central processing unit of ...

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05 Dec
Managing your PCB Cost Design

Efficient cost control is a prime consideration for any Original Equipment...

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27 Nov
Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Electronics Manufacturing

The decision to outsource your electronics manufacturing is not…

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22 Nov
Finding a CEM Partner Aligned with Your OEM Product Mix

Our economic narrative the last few years has been similar in all sectors…

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13 Nov
Design for Manufacturing: Contemplate, Anticipate & Optimize Your PCB

A critical success factor in your product development journey...

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17 Oct
IPCs: Shared Standards of Quality in Electronics Assembly

Manufacturing your printed circuit board assembly involves several steps....

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19 Sep
Preserving Intellectual Property with CEMs

The world today is a global village – seamlessly interconnected digitally...

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10 Sep
A World of Limitless Connectivity

Electronics are found in just about any device and any application in any...

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