PCB Assembly

Whether your designs are dated, or include the latest lead-free micro BGA technology, August Electronics has the right solution for your circuit board and SMT assembly needs.

August Electronics operates a world-class PCB assembly operation in a dedicated facility.   We run three fully conveyorized SMT lines, consisting of either single or dual in-line Mydata placement machines.  The Mydata machines are the industry standard for fast changeover times, vision-guided placement accuracy and intelligent feeder systems.  Our process capacities include:

  • Minimum component size:  0201
  • Maximum board size:  22.6” X 20.0”
  • Maximum placement speed:  34,000 CPH.

August Electronics employs a team of highly experienced process specialists, responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient flow of our PCBA assembly lines.

We run three fully conveyorized SMT lines. Each SMT line is anchored by a 10-zone reflow oven, for maximum control over the reflow profile.  Our veteran team of manual insertion operators  accommodate your leaded assembly needs.

Soldering services feature programmable flux application, facilitated by  three independently controlled pre-heating zones with bottom and topside forced convection.

Our selective soldering machine (SSM) provides an effective solution to even the most challenging assembly applications.  It utilizes three independently operating zones for maximum throughput, and an electromagnetically operated solder delivery system for near zero defect solder joints. We also incorporate multiple solder pots to effortlessly switch between leaded and unleaded assemblies with minimal setup required.

We understand the importance of maintaining a high level of cleanliness at all stages of our assembly process. All solder paste screens are cleaned at regular intervals using an ultrasonic stencil washer. After completing a printed circuit board assembly they are typically cleaned using our Trident III aqueous wash center. Both of these systems generate deionized water in a closed loop system to minimize any environmental impact.

All circuit board assemblies are barcoded and tracked through the various manufacturing steps. Data collected at every step, is analyzed by our team and used as feedback to enhance the process.

PCB Screen Printing

At the front of each SMT line is an automatic inline screen printer.  Each is equipped with an optical system for fiducial alignment and paste inspection.  All solder paste screens are cleaned at regular intervals using an ultrasonic stencil washer.  We also have 3D solder paste inspection equipment. Our process capacities include:

  • Maximum stencil size:  29.0” X 29.0”
  • Maximum print area:  18.0” X 18.0”
  • Inspection System:  2D+

PCB Assembly Equipment & Facility

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