Many of the products and assemblies we manufacture at August Electronics need to perform in rugged outdoor environments.

Offering full-service electronic manufacturing services, we are experienced with electronics encapsulation and able to protect the electronic assembly in some way. We have many years of experience with both conformal coating and encapsulation.

Our standard conformal coating process consists of an Asymtek automated dispensing system and a conveyorized UV cure oven. This process selectively applies a hard clear coating of acrylated urethane to the circuit board, protecting it from moisture and corrosive environments.

We can also apply other materials using a manual mask and spray process, per our customer’s specifications. We work with many types of encapsulation material, including epoxies and elastomers.

Our process specialists can work with your engineering team to develop a suitable encapsulation process, including the design and construction of jigging or molds.

For future serviceability, we can selectively remove the coating using our Accuflow microblasting station and a mildly abrasive media such as ground walnut shells.

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